In the School of the Holy Spirit - Book Review

In the School of the Holy Spirit, Fr. Jacques Philippe describes concrete and straightforward ways to live docility to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity, is often overlooked. I think this is in part because many of us struggle to hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit in our lives. My own life tends to be busy, loud, and hectic. If I do not make a concerted effort to slow down and tune in, I will miss His presence altogether. After reading this book, I am even more convinced that the Holy Spirit is no less involved in our lives than the Father and the Son. Christ promised us a counselor and said, “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor, to be with you forever” John 14:16.

But are we aware of the Holy Spirit in our lives? In The School of the Holy Spirit, Fr. Philippe will help raise your awareness. This book will lead you to be more attentive to the movements of the Holy Spirit in your life as you learn to value the third person of the Trinity. Fr. Philippe explains in language that is straight forward and relatable, the rewards of being attentive to the Holy Spirit. He provides simple and concrete ways to grow in this inner sensitivity. Because Fr. Philippe’s style of writing is straight forward, he does an excellent job of explaining how to recognize the Holy Spirit and foster this relationship. I found myself filled with excitement and immediately put points into practice. Fr. Phillipe’s modern life examples left me feeling like he knew me personally as I recognized myself in each and every page. I enjoy using my highlighter as I read non-fiction and found myself highlighting every single word! It’s just so good! If you enjoy a style of writing that is clear, simple, and to the point without a lot of filler, you will love Fr. Philippe’s style of writing. This softcover book is only 90 pages, cover to cover.

The book is organized into three sections:

  1. Holiness Is the Work of the Holy Spirit

  2. How Can We Foster Inspirations?

  3. How Can We Know That an Inspiration Comes from God?

I admit that I am not always one to read the appendices of books, but in this book there are four sections in the appendices and I read every word and found it to be as impactful as the body of the book.

My biggest take aways from this book:

  • The Holy Spirit is an essential, and necessary part of my life as a Christian and I need His guidance to progress on the path that God is leading me.

  • This is a book I will read again and again and will refer to often. It is truly an instruction manual on the Holy Spirit,

  • It is simple and easy to read, yet so profound, you will learn the rewards of being attentive to the Holy Spirit and simple and concrete ways to grow in awareness of the Holy Spirit's presence in your life.

  • In the School of the Holy Spirit is a valuable aid in your own spiritual journey.

  • I plan to gift this to friends and families for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. Everyone needs to read this book!

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